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Foam Ethanol-Based Hand Sanitisers: The Gold Standard for Healthcare Professionals

In the high-stakes environment of healthcare, hygiene is paramount. Among the numerous options available, foam ethanol-based hand sanitisers have emerged as the superior choice, particularly favoured by healthcare professionals. This blog explores why foam ethanol-based hand sanitisers are becoming indispensable in healthcare settings, offering unique advantages.

⭐️Enhanced Coverage

Foam spreads more evenly and covers a larger surface area than gels or liquids. This ensures thorough hand coverage and reduces the likelihood of missed spots, which is crucial in preventing pathogen transmission.

⭐️Quick Drying and Reduced Residue

Foam sanitisers dry quickly and leave less residue compared to gel formulations. This is especially beneficial for healthcare professionals who need to sanitise their hands frequently and quickly move on to the next task without waiting for their hands to dry.

⭐️Economic Efficiency

Foam dispensers typically release a smaller volume per pump compared to gel or liquid dispensers. This can lead to reduced product usage and cost savings over time, without compromising the efficacy of hand hygiene practices.

⭐️Comfort and Skin Health

Repeated use of hand sanitisers can lead to skin irritation and dryness. Foam formulations often contain moisturising agents that help maintain skin health, even with frequent use. This is a critical consideration for healthcare workers who must sanitise their hands many times throughout the day.

⭐️Compliance with Hygiene Protocols

Using foam sanitisers can improve compliance rates with hand hygiene protocols. When healthcare workers are more willing to use the product regularly, the overall hygiene standards of the facility improve.

Foam ethanol-based hand sanitisers stand out as the preferred choice for healthcare professionals. Their superior coverage, quick drying time, user-friendly nature, and economic benefits make them an invaluable tool in maintaining hand hygiene. As healthcare facilities continue to prioritise patient safety and infection prevention, the adoption of foam ethanol-based hand sanitisers is likely to become even more widespread.

By choosing foam ethanol-based hand sanitisers, such as Palmtree Foaming Hand Sanitiser, healthcare professionals are not only protecting themselves but also taking a vital step in safeguarding their patients. The move towards this superior formulation is a testament to the ongoing commitment to excellence in healthcare hygiene practices.


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