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Who says alcohol can't be gentle? Our palm tree sap-derived ethanol is here to save the day! Providing the perfect blend of tough love and TLC, those germs will be sent packing but your skin's hydration is here to stay 🙌🏼 Without the addition of any fragrances, even the most sensitive skin can feel #PalmSafe. So, raise a sanitised (fragrance free) hand and give a big thanks to Mother Nature for giving us both protection and hydration. #GentleButEffective #PalmTreeSapSaviours #TheKindSanitiser #PalmtreeHygiene

Foaming Hand Sanitiser - Fragrance Free 100ml

Coming Soon
  • Shake it like a polaroid picture 📷, fully compress that pump (you know you want to 💪), rub that sanitiser all over those palms, backs of hands and fingers like you're delivering a world-class massage 🙌, and let it dry like a fine wine 🍷. Voila! You've just nailed the art of using our hand sanitiser like a pro 💯.

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