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🥥 Hey there, coconut fanatics! 🌴We know you've fallen in love with our cute 100ml bottles, so now it's time to super-size the sanitising fun. 🧴 We are now offering massive 1L refill bottles of our beloved Foaming Hand Sanitiser, complete with a FREE wall dispenser when you purchase 2 or more! 🎉💦 Top up your 100ml bottles or get fancy with the dispenser. Get your hands on this refill goodness now! #CleanHands #CoconutScent #RefillThatBottle

Foaming Hand Sanitiser - Coconut Fragrance 1L Refill


Multi-Pack Discount

  • Fully compress that pump (you know you want to 💪), rub that sanitiser all over those palms, backs of hands and fingers like you're delivering a world-class massage 🙌, and let it dry like a fine wine 🍷. Voila! You've just nailed the art of using our hand sanitiser like a pro 💯.

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