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Kind to Planet


Our ethanol base is an innovation in science; the first in the world to be derived from the SAP of palm trees. Don't worry! The sap extraction process does not result in any damage to palm trees, and we use absolutely no palm oil in our products.


Unlike traditional ethanol production processes, which rely on petro-chemical ingredients and precious land resource (which could otherwise be used for growing crops), our ethanol is entirely sustainable. Sap quickly regenerates, allowing the palm trees to continue sequestering carbon and providing biodiversity in their native environment.

With our sourcing and production partners in West Africa, we are working to empower local communities and contributing to economic growth in the region.

Our eco-friendly hand sanitiser is suitable for vegans.

Kind to Skin


Developed in the UK, Palmtree foaming hand sanitiser contains fewer overall ingredients than established, imported products. Our product design criteria applied equal weighting to the environment AND to human health. We have eliminated most of the ingredients classified as hazardous that are present in current market-leading products.

Palmtree sap is known to be rich in vitamins, nutrients, proteins and amino acids, all essential for skin health. Unlike other alcohol-based sanitisers, which can leave hands feeling dry and rough, our customers love that their hands are left feeling soft and nourished. 

Available in:


FRAGRANCE-FREE (for the most sensitive hands).

Not-so-kind to germs


In a world where infection control is paramount, hand sanitiser has become a hand-bag or pocket essential! Yet, you may be surprised by how many readily-available products are not as effective at dispatching nasty germs as they should be, due to low-potency alcohol content.


Palmtree Hygiene hand sanitiser is developed by UK scientists and has proven efficacy in killing bacteria and deactivating viruses, with a high-content alcohol base. Our products are World Health Organisation compliant and tested to EN1276 standards. 

As a scientist, the mode of production of the ethanol is probably the most interesting fact about this hand sanitiser. Ethanol is made from the sap of palm trees. Other plants used to make ethanol (corn, sugar cane) must be sacrificed, but the perennial coconut palm is milked for its sap and thus kept alive during the extraction process. Therefore, the raw material used to produce the ethanol contained in Palmtree Hygiene Hand Sanitiser appears to be more sustainable than the raw material from the annual plants (corn, sugar cane) currently used in the ethanol-making industry. 

Clemence Guiraut -

B.Sc Health's Biochemistry, M.Sc. Immunology

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