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Keep your hands clean and your senses satisfied with our rose & vanilla fragrance hand sanitiser! It's like a bouquet of flowers and a scoop of ice cream had a baby, and the result is a skin-friendly, vegan, and utterly delicious sanitiser. Trust us, your hands (and everyone who smells them) will thank you. So why settle for boring, when you can have beautifully scented, germ-killing, hand-loving goodness? Go ahead, treat yourself and your hands to a little bit of indulgence in a bottle. You deserve it. #SanitiseInStyle

#RoseAndVanillaLove #TheKindSanitiser #PalmtreeHygiene #VeganFriendly

Foaming Hand Sanitiser - Rose & Vanilla Fragrance 100ml


Multi-Pack Discount

Coming Soon
  • Shake it like a polaroid picture 📷, fully compress that pump (you know you want to 💪), rub that sanitiser all over those palms, backs of hands and fingers like you're delivering a world-class massage 🙌, and let it dry like a fine wine 🍷. Voila! You've just nailed the art of using our hand sanitiser like a pro 💯.

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